Ways To Brand Your Clothing


Processes We Use

We can create branded clothes several ways depending on your logo, quantity and urgency.

Screen printing is excellent for T shirt printing, especially when you need a medium to large run.

Heat transfer printing, also called heat pressing, is great for one-offs and short runs.

Screen print transfers are excellent for small to medium runs, intricate logos and multiple colours.

Embroidery is recommended for caps, hats and polo shirts, when you want to brand garments with your logo or the name of your event with a more traditional look.

If you’re not sure which method will be best for your project, get in touch with us.

Screen Printing

With screen printing, ink is applied directly to fabric through a very fine fabric mesh. Areas that you don’t want printed are blocked off, as with a stencil.

Screen printing is also called silk screen printing, because silk was first used when the process was invented in 1911. These days we use a specialised polyester fabric to make the screen. A separate screen is required for every colour printed onto the fabric.

We use screen printing for clothing, particularly personalised T shirts. It’s also suitable for other fabric products that can be printed flat, like tea towels and aprons.

screenprint on umbrellas and towels
embroidery onto clothing and jackets


Nothing beats custom embroidery for caps, hats and shirts. It’s a classic look that helps to get your logo or event name noticed in all the right places.

These days, embroidery technology can create intricate, multi-coloured designs, as well as simple one or two-colour designs.

Our logo embroidery service is suitable for custom polo shirts, custom baseball caps, kitchen textiles, chefs’ hats, serviettes, aprons and almost any other fabric item you can think of.

We have a 100% recycled polyester thread available for embroidery. Made from recycled plastic bottles, this bright coloured thread creates high quality logos while reducing your impact on the environment.

Screenprint Transfers

Screen-print Transfers are the ultimate solution for vibrant and high-quality designs on garments. At Bowring Print & Merch, we bring you the cutting-edge technology of screen-print transfers, ensuring exceptional durability and outstanding visual impact. Our screen print transfers are created using a precise process that guarantees sharp details, bold colors, and unmatched clarity. Whether you need custom designs for t-shirts, hoodies, or any other apparel, our transfers deliver stunning results that exceed expectations. With their flexibility, versatility, and long-lasting performance.

Screen print transfers are made using water based inks without hasrh or toxic chemicals. Transfers come on recyclable transfer paper that we recycle using the soft plastics recycling facilities.

clothing print detailed
heat press reflective

Heat Transfer Printing

Digital heat transfer is ideal when you need small quantities and a fast turnaround. It’s very effective for complex, full colour designs, as well as straightforward one-colour lettering. We can even print metallic, fluro and reflective colours.

For this type of garment printing, heat transfer vinyl is first printed on our high-quality large format digital printing press, then applied to your fabric or items with a specialised heat press. The result is long-lasting and washable (but don’t put heat transfer printed items through the drier!).

Heat press printing is ideal for sports teams, where every output needs to be different. For example, soccer shirts where every player has a different name and number.

Laser Etching

Textile engraving is the latest way to customise or brand items of clothing. Lasers are incredibly precise, so they can etch intricate patterns into 100% polyester fabrics such as fleece and microfibre. What’s more, the process of laser etching doesn’t reduce the durability of the fabric. With our laser technology, you can have your logo, pattern or message etched onto your apparel. The creative possibilities of laser engraving are limitless.

laser etching
decopress clothing decoration

Decopress Clothing Emblems

If you’re looking to add that final touch to your garments, we’ve got you covered. Our Deco Press clothing emblems are designed to elevate the overall look and quality of every item. At Bowring Print & Merch, we pride ourselves on applying emblems with the utmost precision and durability, ensuring unmatched style.

Our high-quality clothing emblems have a wide range of applications. Whether you want to enhance a classic jacket, make a statement with a prominent hat emblem, add flair to hoodies and sweatshirt designs with shoulder emblems, or enhance a bag with a featured patch, we’ve got you covered.

We offer a diverse selection of designs and finishes to choose from. Opt for the printed style with sharp lines and vibrant colors for a bold look, or go for an etched emblem that adds dynamic texture and depth. With our wide variety of options, we’re confident that you’ll find the perfect emblem to meet your needs.

Embroidery Patch / Badges

Our exquisite embroidered patches and badges offers a timeless way to personalise and enhance your garments, accessories, and promotional items. With meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship, our skilled team brings your designs to life through intricate stitching and rich textures.

Whether you’re looking to showcase your brand logo, commemorate a special event, or add a touch of individuality to your products, our embroidery patches and badges are the perfect choice. From press-on patches for easy application to sew-on badges for a traditional look, we offer a range of options to suit your needs. Elevate your style, promote your business, or create memorable keepsakes with our premium embroidery patches and badges.

embroidery patch badge
clothing printing

Our garment suppliers

If you haven’t already sourced base garments, we have a network of trusted suppliers for every type of garment you might want to customise.