die-cut card creased

Guillotining – No more scissors required. Our in house guillotine service means you are able to bring in your pre printed products in for cutting or trimming with accuracy and efficiency achieving a professional finish.

Die Cutting – Die Cutting is a technique involving cutting out shapes from stock. It gives your printed materials crisp creases and clean cuts. Often used to create packaging, folders, business cards or other printed media that requires a special or unusual shape.

Folding and Creasing – We have a variety of folding options available both automated or hand folding on the intricate items. Brochures, booklets and other printed material can be folded in a variety of styles such as DLE or booklet form. For specialty products such as wedding invitations or POS material, we can provide creasing. By applying a crease to the sheet it allows the sheet to be folded squarely with less bursting of the paper. Essential for thick material and heavy weight cards.

Perfing – Perforating allows a section of your print to be torn off easily and neatly. Often used for reply cards or tear off documents, vouchers and tickets.