Thank you cards

Thank you cards for business

Customised thank you cards

The custom of saying thanks with a note or card dates back to Europe in the 1400s, when greeting cards were first invented. And there’s evidence to suggest that Chinese and Egyptian people also used messages on paper to wish each other luck and communicate good wishes.

Saying thank you on paper really took off in 1856, when a German immigrant called Pouis Prang introduced the concept of thank you notes to the USA. The introduction of postage stamps put wings beneath the idea and saying thanks with a personal message soon became mainstream.

Today, thank you cards are a business tool, as well as a sign of good manners. When you include a thank you card with a customer’s order, you’re showing your appreciation and giving them an extra reason to stay loyal.

Personalised business thank you cards

A branded thank you card helps to reinforce the relationship between a customer and your business. It can be included with an order, attached to a corporate gift or sent with a product sample. By keeping your cards blank on the inside, your people can write messages that add a personal touch.

Customised greeting cards for florists and gift shops

If you’re in the business of making people happy with flower or gift deliveries, Bowring Print can create a range of gorgeous multi-use blank cards that feature photographs, art prints and illustrations.  There are online libraries of images you can choose from or you can get arty and create your own. Adding your brand to cards completes the picture and reminds recipients where their gift came from.