Notepads and branded notebooks


Notepads and branded notebooks

Making notes, drawing diagrams, sketching and doodling are human pursuits that aren’t going away any time soon. We all need paper to capture our thoughts, which is why Bowring Print continues to personalise and brand a wide range of notepads and notebooks. With our help you can create exceptional giveaways to promote your business or event. We also work with clients who develop notebook, notepad and journal products to sell in gift, souvenir and stationery shops.


Practical promotional notebooks, notepads and journals

As a customer gift or prize, branded notepads and notebooks are always a good idea. If you’re in an industry where it helps to have your logo or message in front of customers as often as possible, notebooks are a great way to do it.

Here are a few concepts to consider:

  • Small notebook with a Kraft cover and matching saddle-stitched binding
  • Perfect-bound small or medium notebook with a personalised cardboard cover
  • Flag pads that come in a case, complete with adhesive post-it flags in bright colours
  • Medium-size notebooks with laminated cardboard covers featuring your choice of artwork
  • Fancy wrap-over notebooks with cork covers
  • Spiral bound notepads with photography or an illustration on the cover
  • Creative sketch sets that include coloured pencils and a sketch pad
  • Magnetic notepads that stick to the fridge
  • Branded sticky notepads (like post-it notes)
  • Personalised journals for travel, recipes, diary stories and study
  • There are literally 100s of notebook and notepad styles available, so just tell just what you want or ask to see some samples
Recycled Notebook

Recycled notebooks made with offcuts

We save clean, unprinted paper offcuts for making into cost-effective notebooks, so your promotional giveaway can also be a sustainability statement. Ask us about personalised notebooks made with paper that would usually go into the recycling bin.