Bottle Neck Tags and Labels

bottle neck tags

Shape Up your Drinks Promotion

The single bottle neck tags have been seen on supermarket shelves for many years and are now widely used for liquor and drinks promotion. 

To have the edge above your competition we suggest custom made shaped wine bottle neck tags.  To ensure that your wine bottle neck tag has the charisma to entice the consumer to your bottle, simple designs have proved to be very successful.


Attract your Customers with Bottle Neck Tags

To appeal to your customers your bottle neck tag has to have character and charm.  With your own individual shape, graphics and printing your drinks promotion will not be missed amongst the other’s on the shelves. Knock spots off your competitors with wine bottle neck tags with individual personality.

For a successful drinks promotion or advertising campaign bottle neck tags are a superb product to use.  Decorating the bottles with a bright and cheerful single bottle neck tag makes your job easy.

This item entices your customer to try your wine since the tags look appealing and draw attention to your bottle, leaving all the others sitting on the shelves.

Bottle Neck Tag

Promotion Made Easy with a Bottle Hanger

A Single Bottle Hanger is an easy way to highlight your drinks promotions and attract attention from customers.  The Single Bottle Hanger is one of the no-fuss drinks promotion products that has been around for a long time. It is perfect if you require a simple but eye-catching announcement.

The Bottle Hanger has many variations for extra attention-grabbing, the most simple being to use custom-shaped on pack drinks promotion products to match your campaign. A fruit shape always draws attention to a drink promotion, or a rose or a heart for a Valentines drink promotion. Bottom Fold Bottle Hangers and Double Side Bottle Hangers, both are like mini brochures attached to the bottles and can also be custom shaped.

Another adaptation to the Single Bottle Hanger is the Gateway Hanger which is a top choice when you have more to say and was introduced by Bowring Print for this reason. The Gateway Hanger opens up like a gate and looks terrific when designed in a custom shape too.  All the Bottle Hangers are drinks promotion products that catch attention, instigate more investigation and purchase. Mission accomplished whichever Bottle Hanger you choose for your drink promotion.