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restaurant key cards

Key & Gift Card Holders

With large numbers of guests flocking to your hotel make sure your hotel key cards are doing much more than just opening a bedroom door. All our hotel key cards are customisable, so why not display nearby affiliated attractions, hotel packages or your restaurant’s menu?

For example, you could promote a spa package or a deal for returning patrons. Whatever you choose to promote, hotel key cards can boost your bookings and encourage repeat business when you use them as a promotional card.

The interior can be custom printed with a map of the city so that guests can find their way back to the hotel if they are lost. The writing space provides an area for the hotel staff to write down a guest’s room number, so they can easily find their way to their room at all times.

We can make any size and shape – please contact us for a quote.

door hanger

Door Hanger Hotel Marketing

Open the Doors of Opportunity With Door Hanger Hotel Marketing.

The Doorknob Hanger has long simply been a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign, these products previously have not been designed with hotel marketing in mind. This area of potential advertising could give you a competitive edge. It allows for your brand to be seen and recognized even more.

The Door Hanger design catches the eye immediately.  Even if it is never used as a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign by the guest it is always picked up for closer inspection – making hotel marketing simple. It allows chances for both conscious and subconscious brand recognition, encouraging guests to recommend to their friends and stimulating repeat business.

personalised napkin


Further Brand recognition can be achieved by always being there for a customer, while not the most glamourous of tabletop advertising the humble napkin can ensure your brand stays in the mind of customers. Ever present napkins in your restaurant or at a function ensure that your brand is always being seen and, even if subconsciously, remembered.

Customised Napkins can also help to make events even more special in the minds of those attending. Weddings, reunions, celebrations and parties, all of these can be enhanced with a personal touch.

We can print your designs onto napkins in one or two colours, delivering an effective method of brand recognition.



Help build a company identity within your staff and a recognisable presence to your customers. Having your staff in custom aprons and uniforms allows them to immediately be recognised by your customers as staff, streamlining their dining experience.

Building a common bond and mentality within your staff is an important aspect of managing any business, with customised uniforms you can lay the foundations for a company identity and culture, ensuring cohesiveness and morale.  

We offer many different options, not only in regards to aprons but entire uniforms, check out our ‘clothing’ tab to find out more.

personalised pens for hotels

Hotel pens that become souvenirs

Everyone loves collecting hotel pens, because they’re wonderful travel souvenirs. If you have an accommodation business, encouraging guests to keep your branded pens helps to keep good memories alive. Talk to us about a pen design that complements your establishment… read more here

printed coasters

Printed Cardboard Coasters

For restaurants, bars and event venues, printed paper or cardboard coasters are a great opportunity for branding and promotion.

They also look after your table and counter surfaces, and that’s always a good thing.

Bowring Print specializes in printing custom coasters for hospitality, promotions and special events.  We can print runs of all sizes and shapes, depending on your requirements. We can also print a matching coaster box for your coasters.


Restaurant Docket Books

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  • Blue Waiter Pads
  • Classic Docket Books
  • Drinks / Dessert Books
  • Rush Pads
  • Takeaway Order Pads
  • Thrifty Books
  • Time and Wage Pads