Custom Printed Coasters

printed coasters

Printed Cardboard Coasters

For restaurants, bars and event venues, printed paper or cardboard coasters are a great opportunity for branding and promotion.

They also look after your table and counter surfaces, and that’s always a good thing.

Bowring Print specializes in printing custom coasters for hospitality, promotions and special events.  We can print runs of all sizes and shapes, depending on your requirements. We can also print a matching coaster box for your coasters.

Personalised Coasters For Parties and Events

Personalised printed coasters are huge fun for weddings, 21st parties, baby showers and wedding anniversary parties. They can also be used at funeral wakes, to celebrate a long life well lived. There’s no limit to what you can print on a coaster and we can help with graphic design if required.

Promotional Table Coasters

When customers have a drink in their hand, they have time to read about your special promotion on their coaster. Your message is directly in front of them for an average of 45 minutes – what an opportunity! Hand-eye coordination dictates that people must look down before picking up or setting down their beverage. This creates dozens of micro-impressions where the customer sees your message momentarily.

Branded Drink Coasters for Bars and Restaurants

Remind customers about where they are, so that your restaurant or bar’s name stays front of mind. Coasters are mini-billboards that look after your table and counter surfaces. You can also encourage customers to keep their coaster as a souvenir. Coasters are collectables for many people and they get your brand into homes.

Options we can offer:

  • Uncoated coaster board or paper
  • .62mm thick
  • 93mm diameter round or square shape or a custom shape of your choice
  • Single to full colour
  • Print on one or both sides
  • Any quantity
  • Matching printed boxes
Reusable Coaster

Reusable branded coasters

Personalised coasters are a way to protect surfaces and promote your brand. But it’s time to step away from single-use coasters that end up in the rubbish. Choosing reusable materials means less waste to landfill, which is better for your community and the planet.

Our coaster sourcing and printing service also lets you personalise permanent materials, such as glass and bamboo, with artwork to create coaster sets for retail or promotional giveaways.

Cork customised coasters

Square or round, cork coasters are easy to customise with screen printing or laser engraving. As a coaster material, cork is durable and effective. It will protect bar and table surfaces from heat and liquids; it looks great too. At end-of-life, cork coasters can be composted.

Personalised glass coasters

Available in a choice of shapes, glass coasters are attractive and hard-wearing. They can be etched or printed with your brand, campaign message or original artwork. Polyurethane pads on the base ensure they won’t skid or leave marks. If you’re creating products for sale or as prizes, you can also order gift boxes.

Bamboo branded coasters

As a promotional item to support a campaign, a boxed set of branded bamboo coasters is an excellent prize or giveaway. Bamboo can be printed in several ways – screen, pad or direct digital – using long-lasting colour inks.